My Thoughts

My thoughts 

If soul exists (I strongly believe that soul exists), then it is very unlikely that it originates at the birth and dies at the physical death, it must survive and go on to afterlife. If after life exists, then there is something common in physical body and whatever form the afterlife takes-we can call that soul. Therefore, the important question is “there life after death”. I have read numerous books and watched videos and it seems that there is overwhelming information on that soul survives the physical death and therefore there is life after life.

The first NDE was in Plato’s The Republic around 380BC. A soldier who died, but later came back and reported an experience which is like contemporary NDEs. Following is a list of doctors and prominent people who either had NDE or has investigated NDEs.

Dr. George Ritchie

Dr. Anthony Cicoria

Dr. George Rodonaia

Dr. Lisa Hurtt

Joyce Hawkens, Ph.D.

Mary Jo Rapini

Dr. Ronald Whitaker

Dr. Eben Alexander

Dr Rajib Parti

Dr Mary C Neal

Dr Gerry Landry

Following is a list of prominent persons who have investigated near death experiences

Dr Raymond Moody

Dr Jeffery Long

PMH Atwater Ph.D.

John J Graden

Dr Lloyd Rudy

Dr Melvin Morse

Stafford Betty Ph.D.

Dr Ian Stevenson

Dr Peter Fenwick

Based on my discussions with number of people including MD’s who had near death experience I have compiled a manifesto on what happens after life. I approached number of MD’s who have written books on this topic to sign this manifesto, but it did not seem to work because they have their own ego and slight differences on the languages of the manifesto. Until now one of the MD’s (Dr. Rajeev Party) has agreed to sign this manifesto. I will continue this work. The manifesto is as follows.

 If we accept the concept of God as universal energy/ consciousness and the notion of the life continues after life-what next?

There are still many puzzling episodes or points to ponder.

  • Why only some people have specific psychic ability, clairvoyance, telepathy, mediumship, astral travelling and many other abilities. Majority of the people does not have any of those abilities.

  • Why only small percentage of people go through NDE experiences not others. In society some people are filthy rich, and some people are homeless on the street. Some people have very miserable life in beginning then they become extremely rich later in life. e.g. Steve Jobs (apple founder) or John Walsh (Conversations with God author) etc. did not have enough even to eat in their school days but look how rich they became in late life? The theory of karma may explain some of it but would be hard to explain the transition that occurred in their life. You can say that theory of free will explain but still there are plenty of unexplained aspects.

  • The more we contemplate on above points it seems there is “whole truth” and only very small portion of this whole truth are being fleshed here and there in this world. Consider following 3 analogies-

  1. Imagine a painting but only small portion of this from various places in painting are being shown.

  2. Imagine a whole movie but only few scenes from this movie are shown randomly.

  3. There is a whole story, but only random sentences are being shown to read.

Considering the above, the most important worthwhile thing for us to do is to connect to the universal consciousness. We are normally conscious of our physical existence and surroundings. We should try to raise our consciousness.

 Physical > family and friends> community> planet>universe> spiritual

With above in mind, I would like to undertake consciousness project.

Please provide your feedback on NDE (material described above) and consciousness project described below.



Getting to know ourselves in order to understand our full potential is key for more harmonious, healthier and happier lives. There is universal life force/energy in creation that is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent. As we raise our awareness we connect to this universal consciousness. This potential, that is the source of creativity and wisdom, is used for a better connection with our world. By doing so we become more aware of our bodies and surroundings, act more as our authentic selves, and increase our comprehension of the inner, outer, and other worlds that comprise the cosmos.

The indomitable power of human consciousness has the potential to help the individual find his or her purpose and relation with the universe. We get answers to our questions intuitively and grow towards lasting happiness, fulfillment, and self-realization. Human consciousness development includes self-acceptance, self-responsibility, and respect for free will. These three synergistically create the goal of self-completeness and self-actualization.

An evolved human consciousness embraces the differences that make all human beings unique, and therefore equal irrespective of heritage, beliefs, gender, or gender preference. We are one planet, one race with one goal.

Project (Raising Consciousness)


The objective of this project is to raise one’s consciousness to increase internal and external awareness, and to help better understand the universe in which we live. We want to include believers and nonbelievers and individuals from all faiths. We want to provide participants with an awareness experience to know something bigger and more powerful than themselves. In doing so they will develop capacities associated with higher awareness and will learn to use raised consciousness to support self-healing, and physical, emotional, mental, spiritual wellbeing

We need participants to realize this project. Please let me know if you have ideas i.e., what we can do to realize this project (i.e., organize meetings, build a center, ask university participation et.) and would like to participate. (current participants Raul Franco Valverde Ph.D., Robert Reimondi M.A., Meera Trivedi M.A., B.Ed.)