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 Human societies have existed for so long. Paleontologists say that dinosaurs were roaming 200 millions years ago. The existence of human beings has been estimated to be at least 40-60 thousand years. However our society has not made a concerted unified attempt to answer the fundamental questions- “Does the soul exist”?  ” Is there life after death”?  ” Is God there”? Society has spent more than 10 billion dollars to develop the artificial heart, trillions of dollars for space programs but no institution has ever been established and no scientific attempt has been ever taken to answer the above mentioned fundamental questions universally.

Religions exist but they give contradictory viewpoints. Millions of people do not even believe in any religion. That shows the irrelevance, uselessness and non-rational side of different religions in this regard i.e. in providing the universal secular answers for these fundamental questions. Also note that the human beings have existed for at least forty to sixty thousand years, yet the religions are not more than six thousand years old. For example Hindus believe in  “reincarnation” and “moksha” from life so they get re-incarnated and finally reach “state of freedom”. Muslims do not believe in re-incarnation so that they do not get reincarnated. Christians believe in bodily resurrection. What happens to communists who have no religion? How about “atheists” and followers of “Jeidi” etc. Are there “pigeon holes” in God’s administrative kingdom, as it were that pertain to adherents of different established religions and diverse non-religious people? “The existence of different quarters for various established religious & diverse non-religious people in God’s administrative kingdom” does not make sense. Therefore, we can say that the religions are completely irrelevant as far as answering the fundamental questions are concerned.


Religions were originated at different places, at different times and by different individuals to take care of human needs in that specific part of the society at that specific time. Today when the world has become a global village where we measure everything based on scientific proof and evidence, the existence of different contradicting religious beliefs seems strange. Also every now and then new religious movement springs up. The whole situation involving religions seems like a comical happening.

In the name of religion, fundamentalists are even killing people of other religions. Hindus and Muslims fight each other, Catholics and Protestant are struggling, Jews and Muslims are killing each other in Middle East. How horrific and baseless the situation it is? Christianity and Islam (as well as other religions) convert people of other religions to their religions to “Save the soul”. Is this a meaningful solution of a problem of salvation of the soul?

Religions may be O.K. to teach some morality as long as they can respect each other. Otherwise as far as fundamental questions related to “Soul”, “Life after death “ and “God” is concerned, these religions all together do not make any sense since their doctrines contradict each other. To get answers to these fundamental questions which will have scientific basis and universality we have to transcend the religions. Why has society not established any institution and made any efforts to search for the answers to these fundamental questions? Mr. Saxena feels baffled and sad. May be it is not easy but human society “owes itself the answers” to these fundamental questions.

If “Soul” exists, there is life after death and God exists” then one’s attitude, meaning and impetus of life would be very different. On the other hand if the answers to these fundamental questions are negative then we as well as all events are “random”,  “statistical” and the impetus will be very different. Under this scenario what will prevent human beings from turning into monsters. Society has already developed monsters from time to time i.e. Hitler, Edi Amin and many other murderers that we come across in each society in any time frame. Mr. Saxena thanks the stars that spite of so many atheists and non-believers, society has been functioning in somewhat orderly fashion. It may be because society has imposed sets of laws upon itself.

With above background Mr. Saxena feels that we have to get over religions and go beyond. We delve ourselves into spiritualism and mediation and try to come-up with answers to these fundamental questions related to the soul, life after death and the existence of God which will a have a scientific basis and universality.

This foundation will assist financially or otherwise anyone who will make an attempt to obtain answers to these fundamental questions that should have scientific basis and universality.

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